About Us Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

Do you think you are the only one who is going through a tough time? Do you sense some power or force which is driving the show and we are here just to play our roles? Trust your own abilities and potential to connect with the spiritual world. We simply empower you to recognize your purpose and to play your role well. Our sessions, techniques and processes clear the limiting programs and beliefs that keep you stuck in your life. Are you ready to change the way you look at your life?

We are a medium to unite the individual flames of consciousness to come under one roof to create collective consciousness. We provide a pedestal to budding and world renowned healers and experts to reach out to the world. Situated in the heart of the city is a place where everyone works from their heart to spread love, joy, peace and happiness. This is not all, we facilitate in empowering people, help them to access their confidence and goals without becoming dependent on us.

So what inspires us to be in service of humankind? Peace of mind, cheerful smile, indestructible state of happiness that keeps motivating our intentions as our endeavor is to touch as many lives as possible. Does this sound unrealistic? Not really, this is possible, only if you allow yourself to believe that you have the power to make it happen. We are just the means to assist you in channeling your energies to heal yourself, your issues and people around you. you shift and your world shifts with you. Reality is, there is much more that you can acquire by being associated with Annand Utsav. Experience needs no proof!

For over eight years we have been committed to elevating lives to a higher vibration, rejuvenation and revitalization of their bodies, minds and soul. Annand means joy, bliss, delight and Utsav is celebration. And only when you are joyful and soaked with peaceful bliss can you celebrate life without inhibitions. When we celebrate life, we can effortlessly discover our true potential, be it in career, relationships and inner satisfaction.

You must be wondering how we achieve all of this. We accomplish this through:

Individual healings and therapies

Devsparsh is a place where you get in touch with your divine essence helping you to find the missing cord of imbalance and healing it with universal energy of love. Along with meditation, we do practice healing modalities like Hand Writing & Signature analysis, Graphotherapy, Tarot (Osho Zen & Rider Waite)& Angel Card Divination, Angel Therapy, DNA2 Theta healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Access Bars and Body Processes, Sound healing & counseling.

It varies from person to person, depending on the issues they have in their life. Sometimes simple counseling works. Remember you know everything, it is just that we tend to forget it…We simply tap your awareness and guide you to walk your path.


At Anannd Utsav we invite, organize and conduct workshops related to spiritual healing modalities and mental, emotional and physical health. People who wish to spread light and knowledge are welcomed and few workshops are facilitated by in-house faculty. We aspire to provide quality education, support and guidance throughout your journey as an individual. We contribute to your holistic growth and well being. We love to call our workshops as spiritual picnics where you have fun learning new techniques, philosophies, ideologies and unlearn what doesn’t work for you. It is relaxing as your aura shifts dynamically to absorb the new. You are born again in the lap of your true nature as a divine being.


Meditation at Annand Utsav doesn’t mean sitting silently and seriously concentrating on something or chanting mantras. Meditation is communing with yourself, recognizing divinity in self and others by emptying all your heavy emotions, fears, insecurities and unwanted thoughts. This catharsis releases the energy that holds you back from unveiling your true power and potency. What is left behind is pure love and compassion that fills your heart with masti, allowing you to be like a child creating vibrations of purity, innocence and abundance in every area of your life.

Meet Our Team of Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

In a bid to accomplish the aim of bringing a shift in the inner and outer world of people, the quadrate of facilitators have come together under the flagship of Anannd Utsav. Each one excels in their field of work reaching out with love, compassion and empathy for everyone.

Nirav along with Mona Chokshi are consultants working in close connect with Bharti, implementing the ideas and vision at the core level. Each one is equipped and gifted with unique talents, potential and capacities. The trio work together to spread awareness and make a difference, not only in others but their own lives and family as well. Mona Chokshi assist in backend operations and personal healing sessions(home service).

Team and inspiration behind the curtain: Chandni Verma, Mahesh Verma

  • Bharti Verma

    Bharti Verma, popularly known as Maa Divyam Shakti, who is the Founder Facilitator and Director of Anannd Utsav Meditation Centre, conceptualised this meditation and healing centre way back in 2007. The journey from a homemaker to an entrepreneur has been transformative, inspiring and motivating. 14 years of managing a joint family set up as a traditional Indian bahu to finding one’s own identity in an unconventional and lesser explored profession, not only unveils the her courage of grit but also…

  • Mona Chokshi

    Mona is Holistic healer practicing many modalities. She is a osho meditator and her desire to contribute to society made her learn new things in life. From a free lance jewellery designer now she is a healer too. She is a Access Bars and Access body process practitioner. She also practices Tibetan sound healing and lama fera technique to balance one’s body, mind and soul. And now with Mahavastu Expertise she assist in Vastu projects too. She is compassionate by…

  • Nirav Jayant ( Dorrick Shah)

    Nirav is a commerce graduate who initiated to Osho Neo Sanyas at the age of 18. He is a Meditation Facilitator who has facilitated many Meditation camps and sessions. He is Tai chi and Shibashi facilitator. His in depth knowledge of NLP has made him Master of NLP. He is ocean of different easy meditation techniques for a common man as well for busy people. He has facilitated Tai Chi sessions at Osho Nisarga ( Osho commune at Himachal). His…