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  • Access Bars (Sep 19)

    29th September 2019

    10:00 AM - 06:30 PM

    Facilitator : Bharti Verma

    Bharti Verma, popularly known as Maa Divyam Shakti, who is the Founder Facilitator and Director of Anannd Utsav Meditation Centre, conceptualised this meditation and healing centre way back in 2007. The journey from a homemaker to an entrepreneur has been transformative, inspiring and motivating. 14 years of managing a joint family set up as a traditional Indian bahu to finding one’s own identity in an unconventional and lesser explored profession, not only unveils the her courage of grit but also…

    What if you could change all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit you from living a phenomenal life??

    What if your problems were really possibilities? And you realize that you could change it, would you choose a tool that would give you infinite choices and infinite possibilities?

    Access consciousness gives you simple yet powerful tools which are practical, efficient & effective to changes things which haven’t been working for you (money, relationships, work, business, parenting etc.) & to create the life that you desire.

    Would you choose to create your life with Ease, Joy & Glory?

    One Access Bars Class opens up a whole new universe for you and you also get to be a Internationally Certified Access Bars Practitioner..WOW!!

    Inviting you to a World of Unlimited Joy, Choices and Possibilities.

    Energy exchange: Rs.15000/- , 7500/- for repeaters n teenageers between 15-18 & free for kids below 15.

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