Past Happenings At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness
  • Awareness Camp (Free Sessions)

    13th April, 2014

    These days as we are becoming more and more modern, depending on technology, our lifestyle has changed. There is a lot of stress and anxiety in every area of life- be it business, career, children’s education or family relationships. This has created an imbalance of physical, mental and emotional health. Now it’s time to shift on a lifestyle which can help us to bridge the gap of being modern and having good health at all levels.

    We, at Anannd Utsav worked towards this step of bridging the gap, and creating awareness for a healthy life. Keeping this mission we had a complete health awareness camp which focuses on Mainstream as well as Alternate medicine. Energy healing/ Eye care/ Dental and Gynac Awareness was a part of the program. We had a group of energy healers being expert in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Access bars, Theta DNA2, Radical Healing, Psych K and many more other modalities.

    This camp was helpful to know the root cause of illness and treating it without medicines. Along with this we had aura reading which can help to know the physical issues much earlier of its manifestation in body. Also there was handwriting analysis which can help to know our personality, weakness and strength and by improving it we can overcome our weaknesses.

    We offered all these services for free for the members to create awareness as well to create a healthy samaj.

    Organized and facilitated By :

    Anannd Utsav Team and group of Healers & Doctors who extended their hand in service of humanity to spread the awareness.