Past Happenings At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness
  • Seminar on Karma in your DNA (Apr’15)

    23rd April, 2015

    Facilitator : Dr. Paula Horan

    Dr. Paula (Laxmi) Horan is an American psychologist who is known worldwide for her numerous books, seminars and retreats on alternative and complimentary therapies and ground-breaking approaches to spirituality and consciousness development. Especially known for her retreats in Non Dual Awareness, currently she teaches across China and India and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Karma is not our enemy. Karma is simply a record of incomplete experience that will play itself out when similar circumstances arise. To dissipate its control over us, we need to develop a willingness to look at ourselves honestly, because much of the dissipation of karma happens in the simple noticing and acknowledging of it. The trick is to learn how to stay awake long enough to notice it.

    The seminar explained how the workshop could unlock our true potential. This module was focused on healing Family and Ancestral Karma.