Past Happenings At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness
  • Soul’s Temple Healing Workshop (Apr’15)

    5th April, 2015

    Facilitator : Dr. Neeta Yuvraj

    Dr. Neeta Yuvraj, an ardent student of life, experienced a unique quest, a quest for answers to decode the mysteries of metaphysics through the mind. She learnt a lot from her busy clinical practice as a homoeopath for 15 years and later as a healer and regression therapist, and finally as a teacher, a workshop facilitator and corporate trainer. Her keen interest still leads her to discover newer avenues of drugless therapies and mind management techniques which she shares passionately…

    Healing is a soul bathing experience which we all deserve on an ongoing basis. Soul’s Temple is a self-help healing technique. Soul’s Temple is a sacred platform, beyond religions and beyond norms to discover the divinity in every form.

    Stress is what we all live with in today’s world. We often risk our health, money, relationship, prestige and precious opportunities due to stress and stress related break downs. However it is easy to say don’t take stress to others, but there are times when we get caught up in cycle of stresses. Soul’s Temple helps to acknowledge the issue we have and clear off the unwanted emotions that spring out of it.

    It is the easiest and quickest technique to release the baggage of emotional pressures that we all carry. Beauty of this is you can do this anytime, anywhere and no formal posture required for it. It is based on the principle everything begins with YOU, the moment you accept yourself completely (100%), you won’t have any issues, irritation, anger etc. with anyone else.