Past Happenings At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness
  • Tai Chi – Moving Meditation

    17th - 23rd May, 2015

    07:00 AM - 09:00 AM

    Facilitator : Dorrick Shah (Swami Nirav Jayant)

    Dorrick Shah is a Osho sanyasi  who has been a meditator for years. He is a Tai Chi facilitators.

    If you slow down in your movements completely, your mental movements will also completely slow down. It is working through the body for a non-movement state. The body moves so slowly, that the mind has to slow down with it. If for two or three hours every day one goes on doing Tai Chi, then the mind cannot go on moving at such a mad speed. It will have to slow down. It will become more and more in tune with the body. - OSHO

    These 7 Days helped everyone to go more deeper into meditations.

    • Tai Chi brought harmony in the body
    • Created Awareness in Actions
    • Felt More Energy, More Vitality and More Oxygen in the body
    • Sharpened 5 senses in the body
    • More centering of navel center
    • Brought back balance into the body
    • Healed the body deeply


    Tai Chi is Medicinal For Heart, Liver,Lungs, Kidneys.. It was a deep 2 hours meditative experience for 7 days.