Past Happenings At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

    28th June, 2019

    09:30 AM - 01:30 PM

    Facilitator : Dr Jhannavi A Pattel

    Dr Jhannavi Pattel ( A homeopath, Theta healing practitioner, Meditation facilitator and Reiki grand master). Her journey started while studying homeopathy, which taught her the connection between mind and body and how mental beliefs can affect  one’s physical health. She learnt  Theta healing which has completely transformed her life; by releasing self limiting beliefs. After some soul searching, she found a deep desire to practice and teach self designed individualistic meditation sessions integrated with LOA. In recent times, she has…

    “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”- PAULO COELHO

    The magic of manifesting a desired life is possible if we know how to use the incredibly powerful Law Of Attraction. This workshop includes all the practical tips, techniques and exercises for helping you achieve your desired goals. In this workshop you will also learn all the myths and facts about law of attraction. So if you want to feel that the magic of manifesting your deepest desire is within you ‘ and if you choose to transform your desires into your destiny then this workshop is for you..


    – Some fantabulous meditations and exercises for manifestation.

    – Understanding about limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them.

    – Effective tips to use the Law of Attraction.

    – Creative visualisation.

    – Learning how to create your personal affirmations and vision board..

    It is part of  Prism MEtoWE

    what is Prism MEtoWE?

    Prism MEtoWE- Let’s join hands to reach greater heights and contribute for a greater cause!


    Have you ever thought of learning a modality but the investment looked way beyond what your budget was? Has a particular modality or healer really intrigued you but you weren’t sure of your calling? What about learning different modalities on a weekend and not investing only in one modality? How will you feel when your investment is utilised for an amazing cause you always wanted to contribute for? Have you ever wondered how is it learn and uplift not only yourself but also the healer and a cause that really requires your consideration?


    Priism presents a collaborative pool of stupendous healers who are authentic and are willing to share their knowledge, uplifting you by enlightening your path and making themselves better each time they endeavour to show you your light!


    PriismMEtoWE is the brain child of PriyankaGhode, who has conceptualised the unique idea of bringing together several healers across various locations to share their knowledge willingly for uplifting their path and contribute towards the society as a whole. Priism is a platform of learning- unlearning and relearning various modalities with and from each other and imparting the same with utmost finesse to the invitees and an audience at large. The thought of collective consciousness, collaborative awakening, enlightening others and enhancing self is a revolutionary step. It is an initiative towards collaborative deliverables instead of a competitive approach. Priism the word was chosen as it holds the beauty of inner awakening…PRIISM stands for- The P- Potential-R-Reservoir-of I- Inspiring- and I- Instilling- S- Self worth-thereby unfolding a Marvellous M- ME!


    PRIISM gears up to present in its upcoming dream event on the 28th-30th of June 2019. The following modalities- You are magical-experince with LOA, Bach Flower Remedies,Access Bars and Body Processes. LenormandDivination,Candle making, Cowries , Master Merlin and Vision Board Manifestation will be catered to in Ahmadabad.


    Dr Jhannavi A Pattel- YOU ARE MAGICAL- EXPERIENCE IT WITH THE LOA., 28th June 2019 Friday timing 9.30AM-1.30PM; Fee: INR 5000- +91-9879257983


    Bharti Verma: Bach Flower Remedies, 28th June 2019 Friday timing 2.30PM-6.30PM; Fee: INR 5000- +91 9726699911

    ZennobiiaNavilEdulkaka- Lenormand divination 29th June2019 Saturday timing 9.30PM-2.30PM; Fee: INR 5000- +91 9967403801

    DharaDarji: Candle making, 29th June 2019 Saturday timing 2.30AM-6.30PM; Fee: INR 5000- +91 9892388002


    BinaiferChakraborty- Cowries, 30th June 2019 Saturday timing 9.30-1.30PM; Fees – Rs.5000/- Mobile +91- 9833223777


    RiddikaPaanchal -Master Merlin and Vision Board Manifestation –  30th June 2019 Sunday timing 2.30PM-6.30PM; Fee: INR 5000/- Mobile  +91- 8655350550
    Bharti Verma Access Bars Session 28Th-30th June Slots- 

    For 28th June: 3PM-4.30PM, 4.30 PM-6 PM

    For 29-30th June: 10 AM -11.30 AM, 11.30 AM-1 PM, 3PM-4.30PM, 4.30 PM-6 PM

    Fee- 1800/- per Bars Session +91 9726699911