Facilitator At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

Dr Jhannavi A Pattel

Dr Jhannavi Pattel

( A homeopath, Theta healing practitioner, Meditation facilitator and Reiki grand master).

Her journey started while studying homeopathy, which taught her the connection between mind and body and how mental beliefs can affect  one’s physical health. She learnt  Theta healing which has completely transformed her life; by releasing self limiting beliefs. After some soul searching, she found a deep desire to practice and teach self designed individualistic meditation sessions integrated with LOA. In recent times, she has helped scores of people in healing and in achieving their goals; be they  financial, relationship oriented  or career based. Through her integrated holistic healing approach; she propagates a mindful lifestyle. Through  her YouTube channel she spreads awareness to each and every soul who has even the slightest readiness to be a better version of themselves..