Facilitator At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

Kavita Kapoor

Kavita is a journalism graduate and Mass Communication post graduate. Has a flamboyant work background as she has worked in Media Houses like Star and NDTV (in Mumbai and Delhi) kind of corporate channels. It took time for her to realize that she was not cut out for corporate culture. After quitting her impressive job, she decided to discover her purpose in life. Since 25 years of age she was practicing Nichiren Diashonin’s Buddhism, which gave her the courage and strength to move on with the determination to search for her own truth.

Ask and you shall receive…and so Kavita’s journey into the spiritual world got ignited with the spark of Reiki which gave her peace and unveiled her capacity of being a healer as she started sensing energies. Post which there was no looking back! This was followed by mastering the art of interpreting the Tarot cards. One thing led to the other.. Pranic healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Meditations, Aura photography, Redikall Healing, Soul’s Temple, Sujok, Prana Violet, Access Consciousness and Access Body Process, Psych-K, Emotional Freedom Technique and Quantum two point theory respectively are a few modalities that she ended up adding to her kitty.

Writing comes naturally to Kavita and she is a writes a column on Tarot, which features on every Sunday in Navgujarat Samay. She enjoys guiding people out of the mental maze in which they get stuck. Her persona is such that you feel light just by connecting with her.

Kavita is a facilitator for a few powerful workshops like Soul’s Temple, Access Consciousness (Access Bars and 40-Access Body processes). Yet loves being a student and continues to learn more modalities that come her way… SO let’s learn and heal together and grow!

Heartfelt gratitude and Thanks to my Gurus, Mahavtar Babaji, Lahiri Mahashya, Sri Yukteshwar ji, Paramhansa Yogananda ji, Saints of all religions, Niciren Diashonin, Dr. Mikao Usui, Master Chok kok sui, Shoshanna Rohekar, Yuvraj Kapadia, Prof. Hervez Bharucha, Rachna Bharucha, Dr. Neeta Kapadia, Hemant Kapadia, Dr. Ashish Narayankar, Dr. Kacie Crisp, Saryu Dalal, Paula Horan and Ekta Bourdalique.