Facilitator At Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

Megha Darji

Megha has childhood urge to make difference in the world, which led her to take up career in hospitality industry as an Air hostess and then her journey into spiritual world started around 6 years now.

As the journey proceeded she started receiving guidance and path started unfolding ahead of her……

She learnt many energy healing modality like chakra, soul, reiki healing,tarot cards, crystal ball gazing.. e.t.c.

She is also a teacher for
#Heal your life workshops,
#Munay ki rites,
# Auto writing.
She started receiving language of light and since then she is channeling divine energy.
She has won several awards for her excellence in Auto Writing. (Priism 2016, Wow Awards 2016, Ishma WellnessAward 2017)

Also teaching how love can transform each life.
She firmly believes, “”every thought we think creates our future.””

She has dedicated her life to encourage and motivate people to walk their inner journey.

Spreading love and healing light to all…