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Aum Meditation

AUM is an aspect of God — it is the divine creative vibration of the whole universe. Everything in creation is vibrating with God’s power. AUM is the sound made by the vibration of God’s presence within us and all around us. Where there is vibration, there is sound, and if there is sound, we can train ourselves to perceive it, to “hear” it, and to attune ourselves to it, thus actually heightening our own vibrations — changing ourselves from material, ego-centered beings, into superconscious, free souls. The AUM technique offers a scientific way to listen and commune with the sound of AUM.

It has also been called: “The loveliest sound in the universe.” Traditionally in India, AUM is the third aspect of the three-fold nature of God or Satchidananda (Sat, ever-existing; Chit, ever-conscious; Ananda, ever-new joy).

  • Sat: God beyond creation, universal, timeless, formless, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
  • Tat: God within creation
  • AUM: The cosmic vibration, making it all possible

To go from the knowable to the unknowable, to merge into oneness with God — this is our divine destiny. An efficient way to approach God-realization is through the agency of sound (listening for the AUM vibration).

Why We Meditate on AUM

Patanjali says the repetition of Aum and meditation on it destroys all obstacles.

AUM meditation is a tremendously powerful tool of God realization. Through absorption in AUM, we soon come to realize that the AUM is the bridge between human consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.

Everything in the universe vibrates with AUM! The sound of AUM may also form itself into words to guide us intuitively, increase our creativity, and to help us continue to deepen our attunement with God.

Sound is one of the eight aspects of God mentioned in the path of yoga (love, joy, peace, wisdom, calmness, power, light, and sound) and actually is said to be the best and most effective way of all the eight to reach God. In order to attain oneness with God, first we need to perceive God’s vibration within ourselves and all nature (AUM), then God’s actual presence in ourselves and everything (Tat), leading to the final liberation and oneness to God, both within and beyond creation (Sat).

The AUM technique is not a difficult meditation technique to learn and practice daily. Great calmness and joy will come through the AUM technique, along with an increasing sense of oneness with God.

It is a powerful meditation as it brings great blessings to those who practice it regularly and faithfully.

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