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Dance Meditation

Historically, Sufis have had a tradition of dancing as a meditation in celebration of life. The following Dancing is a part of virtually all religions. Religious dancing is common in modern and ancient cultures   guided by shamans who would dance for the purpose of entering a trance. In nature-based societies and religions dancing was an attempt to understand and unite oneself with those rhythms of nature. Dancing is a means of exploring life and spirituality.

“Dancing meditation is one of the easiest ways to discover a calm, quiet,
place inside you that is filled with joy, wisdom and love” – Pragito Dove

One can express freely through dance. Freeing the body allows the mind to expand, your heart to open and your spirit to fly. It is like celebrating your life! It releases tensions and allows creativity to flow through you, which liberates feelings of joy and positivity.

Dance meditation is a unique integration of mind, body and soul designed for self-discovery, healing, & evolution. By cultivating an awareness of the body, we can explore the relationship between self-&-other, self-&-cosmos, self-with-Self, and self-to-the Divine Eternal, and ultimately dissolve relationship into One-ness. Dancemeditation links you to the deepest roots of human quest for spiritual understanding and Truth.

Dancing is a means of self-discovery. As our body becomes energized through movement, we discern more clearly the energy of the body and its relation to the energy of the surrounding worlds; the body becomes less of a solid mass and more of a sacred focal-point of spiritual power within the physical world.

Dancing is a means of expression. Many mystics have used dance to express those inner experiences and their devotion to a deity. In a group, dancing is a means of ego-transcendence. And as you dance, dancer disappears and only dance remains.We re-define the separate ego as we merge into the group’s common activity, emotion — and rhythm. The rhythm influences our heartbeat and breathing, which in turn affect our psychological state. It affects the functioning of our brain. In a religious setting, where our thoughts and emotions are aligned toward spirit, our rhythmic dancing reinforces and develops the group’s spiritual orientation.
Dancing meditation helps to unwind and releases tremendous amount of tension, and also nurtures creative insights. Feeling free in your body allows your mind to expand, your heart to open, and your spirit to soar. Then, when you lie still immediately after dancing, your gross level of activity—the body—is stopped, and the energy you have released travels inward to the subtler layers of your being. This allows the dynamism of the dance to move to your roots, to the very core of your being, liberating great feelings of joy and positivity.

The only difference is, dancing in discotheque makes you tired or exhausted while dancing on a meditative tune makes you feel refreshed and also revitalizes. Dancing into meditation is a great way to direct your energy inward.

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