Meditation at Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

Elements Balancing Meditation

This meditation is a lesser practised meditation, though was widely used in the past. However, this meditation is quite powerful in gaining insights and deeper concentration levels. This was taught by the Buddha to gain understanding of the nature of the world and ourselves.

To be able to do Element Meditation one needs to first work on the body mindfulness. Body mindfulness is one of the forty Buddhist meditations. It helps in investigating the body and its nature, as well as gaining concentration by calming the body. This meditation is excellent for people who have an anatomical, medical or health interest in the body––familiarity with the body helps in building concentration.
It is tough for people who judge their bodies and are critical about its appearance. Yet if they do this it, they would gain fantastic results from it. It is more like a mental CT scan of the body parts to heighten the awareness of various body parts.

Mastering this may take several years. Just like the lotus grows in mud and dirty water but rises above it to stand free. Mentally, we too can rise above the aspects of the body that we would otherwise find disgusting, stressful or frightening and so stand free from shock or fear.

The next step is to understand the division of the four elements in the universe.

  • Earth – anything solid, stiff, dry, brittle etc.
  • Water – anything liquid or malleable, but also represents cohesion.
  • Fire – temperature both hot and cold.
  • Wind – air, gasses, air pockets & voids, pressure changes, movement etc

This meditation is all about examining each component in the body that you break everything down into atoms, you can see how the elements stay together. Further to that, you can also examine how the atoms that make us up also make up other things and they ultimately just change location. The more you practice this meditation; you will start to get an understanding of what you are looking at. It will take some time, but with this you can find out what you really are?

To create balance of 5 elements in the body, each element is restored through guided element meditation, specific dance movement and special music.

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