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Osho Passive Meditations

The traditional methods of meditations were sitting silently and witnessing the thoughts but now in modern society where so much chaos is felt inside, it becomes difficult to sit silently on the outside. One may pretend sitting silently but inside the mind chatter is on. And this chatter at times becomes so powerful that it is hard to sit even for some time.

But every person is different. Every person is unique. Everybody cannot sit and at the same time everybody cannot be active. So people who are not physically active, passive meditation helps. Passive here means minimal physical activity.

Meditation is often thought of as sitting quietly and stilling all the thoughts or contemplating the navel while keeping the spine erect and hands placed firmly in the lap in any number of classical mudras. But what is actually going on inside? Is it sufficient to just sit there and do nothing? Is it important to recite a mantra to keep the mind occupied or is it better to empty the mind of all thoughts?

Passive meditation is where you sit for some time and practise some form of contemplation for introspection, such as any one of the many meditational practices commonly known these days. The aim in passive meditation is to help still the mind and to make it one pointed. This can be best achieved initially by guided meditations or breathing meditations which help to make mind calm and one can slowly achieve the state of witnessing thoughts. Idea is not to suppress the thoughts but to become more aware of all the thoughts without any attachment or judgement.

There are meditations to still the mind, to energize the mind, to focus the mind. There are meditations to energize the body, to relax the body, meditations for balance, for power, for healing, for strength, meditations to enhance wisdom, to strengthen psychic abilities, to open up the emotions, to balance the emotions, meditations for stamina, to manifest ideas, to strengthen the body’s energetic field… the list goes on and on. The best news is that you needn’t worry about achieving the results. You only need to follow the instructions of the meditation and the techniques will do the work for you! So, forget any preconceived ideas you may have or may have heard about what meditation is. Focus on what you want from yourself and your life. Once you know what your personal goal is, there is a meditation to help you achieve it. Whatever your desire or need or personality type, there is a meditation that you CAN do.

Osho Passive Meditations we practice at Anannd Utsav – Center for Holistic Wellness

1. 112 Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Meditation

2. Watching the Breath

3. Gibberish & Let Go

4. Breathing in Love

5. Art of Listening

6. Four Levels of Relaxing

7. Darkness Meditation

8. Body Love

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