Meditation at Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness

Sufi Meditation

“Meditation is the chief possession of the mystic, that whereby the sincere and the God-fearing make progress on the journey to God”.

Sufism is a path of love. A relationship developed with god and within. Sufi meditation is known for its oneness with the divine. The “ISHQ” (Love with Him) could be felt. Sufis practiced different paths to portray their love and oneness for the god.

Sufi meditation in to bring the oneness in within. It is done by opening the heart chakra. Getting connected with the “ISHQ”, Allowing yourself to be in the oneness, removing all the thoughts that are groping your mind.

When you open your heart and expand it filling with love for divine there is complete devotion for Him. And it keeps you always in remembrance of divine, this is termed by Sufi mystics as Jikr

One of the important aspect of Sufi meditation is whirling. Whirling in the meditation means you imagine being a potter’s wheel, which rotates staying at one place. This whirling helps in centering remaining at one place. During the whirling the eyes are half closed as it helps more of you to feel the connection with the beloved.

Our energies center awakens and help to get connected with Him. During the whirling one hand is raised towards the sky, imagining taking the energy from the cosmic and the other hand in inverted towards the mother earth with the intention you are sending the energy taken from the cosmic into the ground.

This is like a beautiful experience, when the potter wheel goes round and round and a lump of soil in put on it. The potter with his hand raises the soil in to a beautiful pot. Same way as the whirling progresses further and the energies are centered, slowly transformation takes place. It does not happen overnight, but it comes with regular practice.

One can end the meditation by lying down on the ground allowing the navel to touch the ground. Remain in that position for some time. This way you develop a connection with the mother earth.

Lets join to have the taste of this beautiful experience of love and devotion.

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