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Aura Reading

What is Aura?

Everything in the universe is a vibration. Every atom, every electron, our thoughts and consciousness are also just vibrations. Aura is the energy field in and around our body.

Modern science calls Aura as the “Bio-field or Bio-Electro-Magnetic Field” surrounding the body. Till the time your body is ALIVE & PULSATING, it’s generating a “MEASURABLE BIOFIELD CALLED THE AURA”. Aura encompasses your mental, emotional, spiritual and astral bodies, which are also known as the subtle energetic bodies which can be mapped by using frequency gadgets like Resonant Field Imaging Aura and Brain Imaging system.

We at Anannd Utsav use this technology for Aura Imaging. RFI™ is the first Aura imaging technology which can create full color bioenergy charts of objects, plants, animals, and even ambient energy fields, so its use is unlimited. It is based on the principle that all mental activity is electromagnetic. There is a possibility for this technology to be able to identify psychological and emotional states. It attempts to quantify and objectively interpret the modifications of our thoughts and our environment on us

Mapping the aura is more like a diagnostic tool to guide us to effectively and pointedly heal ourselves. Just like ECG is done for the heart and EEG for the brain, Aura mapping is done to understand the energy systems in our body. Thoughts which are not constructive lead to chakra imbalances, which in turn affect the physical body as disease, pain, infection etc. For any disease to manifest in the physical body, it first reflects in the aura of the person. Once we are aware of our blocks at the energy level, we can work through various modalities to heal ourselves and avoid the possible damage to our physical body.

Our Energy body is the Key to our Wellness and is the Core from which the Physical body derives energy. To maintain the Physical health, we must maintain a strong and vibrant aura. Get a sneak-peak into your Aura to liven up your vibrations and your life at large!

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