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Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a process to relax the conscious mind and bypass it to work with the sub-conscious mind by giving suggestions to resolve the issue at hand. Under hypnotic state, the sub-conscious is made receptive to the therapy to bring about changes in limiting beliefs and behaviors. It is a trance like state in which one experiences greater concentration to maximize potential and gain insights and wisdom to cope with the presenting problem.

Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness where one goes easily so that for therapeutic purpose positive changes can be altered in the subconscious mind. It is an effective and powerful technique of making contact with our inner (unconscious) self, which is a store house of unlimited potential and knowledge and where resolutions to many of our problems lie.

The state of hypnosis is different from sleeping and dreaming. This is an alpha state where the mind is quiet and receptive. Alpha level can also be reached through meditation, being absorbed in a book or TV; it is like being mesmerized by something and losing conscious control over yourself etc.

Are you unaware of the root cause of your issues? Let hypnosis talk to your subconscious and clear the unresolved issues to have peace and joy in your life.

Your sub-conscious has all the answers to your problems, hypnosis facilitates to recognize those answers, eliminate your restrictive thinking and limitations and manifest your goals. It gives you the confidence to face yourself and accept and forgive yourself. Hypnotherapy is useful is clearing many behavioral and psychological issues. The whole object of clinical hypnosis is to take back control that has been lost and which has therefore resulted in the symptom or problem.

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