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DNA Reading and Clearing

The DNA Reading and Clearing program is truly a wonderful way to work with our issues, judgments and negative beliefs from a cellular level, whilst having a good map to effectively understand within a short period of time what it is we may need to clear.

There is no doubt that most of us have done a lot of clearing work, primarily focused on the emotional body. However, there may come a time when you just need a simple tool to understand why you are still perpetuating a particular pattern, and how you can effectively clear this pattern. And this is where the DNA Reading and Clearing program comes in.

It is a smart system, based on working with seven numbers, and using the chakras as an initial guide to finding out the main negative feeling or belief that is creating a blockage in some area of your Life. All you need are seven pieces of paper with the numbers one to seven written on them. The numbers take all the guesswork out of what you may need to clear and energetically hold a like vibration to your body and energy field.

In other words, you can never pick the wrong numbers. You then choose a category or select your own; whether it is relationships, health, wealth/money, career and so on, and following this, start to use this map. As a system of energy, you initially use the seven main chakras. Each of the seven chakras are identified by seven negative feelings/holding patterns, and once you have chosen the related chakra, you then choose one of these patterns.

These patterns were created either in this lifetime, genetically inherited and passed down by your ancestors, or from a past life/parallel reality. Once you have identified when this pattern was created, you then find out which time period it goes back, and for genetically inherited patterns, if on your mother’s side or father’s side. You are then given an opportunity to further explore this issue, should it be genetically inherited or from a past life/parallel reality, and following this, an opportunity to see if this pattern continues to affect you at this time, and how.

Please note with genetically inherited patterns, you are also dealing with parallel realities, so it may come up that your grandmother/grandfather died by some natural disaster, as an example, and yet she/he is still very alive. What is important are the cellular memories you have inherited. It takes a few minutes to complete these steps working with your numbers, and following this, you start on the DNA Clearing

The DNA Clearing involves creating a positive affirmation around the negative issue/feeling initially chosen, and may involve the canceling of etheric contracts. Following this, you create the changes in the original Divine eight-cell blueprint and in particular, the two strand DNA related to the pattern chosen. Within this same two strand DNA you then recode the positive aspect to the negative issue/feeling chosen. You further request an activation of this positive pattern/feeling through the virtual 12 Strand DNA, and then repeat the affirmation you have created. This is a very powerful, simple tool and works well

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