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Graphology is the study of handwriting that is done scientifically. It’s a tool, an open window to know many unexplored areas for the one who practices the skill and wish to success, delight and increase awareness.

Graphology means Handwriting analysis which is the art of assessing a person’s character and nature and then extrapolating these details to indicate the various parameters of his life relating to business, life, finance, family & relationship. And surprisingly as two people are not alike, two people in the world do not have similar handwriting.

Graphology is not just a mechanical science that analyses handwriting. It is also a psychological method of determining how one can best use the inherent qualities and nature of a person to perfection. Handwriting is also known as “brain writing”-the brain directs the act of writing. After all it is the brain that helps us write, the hands are only a medium of implementation. Our finger tips are directly connected to our sub-conscious mind. We can consciously bring about a shift in our sub-conscious thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, by etching the changes through our handwriting.

It is also useful in business as it helps to highlight the character, nature of employees and business associates on various parameters like loyalty, honesty, work drives etc. It would be of interest to know that handwriting helps to indicate more complex and intriguing problems and also helps solves them. Seriously though, a handwriting analysis uncovers all the unknown and hidden aspects of a personality and more importantly, provides you with a practical method of applying your talents, intellectual and emotional intelligences and unique personality in your life.


Graphotherapy is a powerful therapy to create desired and powerful changes in one’s life. It is known that whatever your brain thinks, the brain nerve through the meridians and fingers creates the writing. So with reverse change when one makes a focused change in writing, there is change in one’s thoughts. So this way creating a change in thoughts, we can create our own desired personality. It is very helpful for children as they learn at a very young age to focus on what they wish to achieve in their life.

Signature Therapy:

Addition to Handwriting, Signature is a very important tool for a graphologist. The differentiator of a signature is sign and nature. In other words your sign reflects your nature. Your handwriting is your personal life where as your signature reflects your public image.

By making small changes in our writing habits and signatures we can, to a very large extent change our habits and thereby also the events that are associated with our present style. It helps you overcome temporary barriers and enables you to express your true potential. (Graphotherapy)

This also helps us to live life in a mode of self-awareness and with greater productivity. It works in a somewhat similar way to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) by helping to create new neural pathways – or, in handwriting terms, more positive habits in the way we represent ourselves symbolically on paper. Positive feedback, via the unconscious mind, can be achieved, as new, helpful habits replace old, unhelpful ones.

Once a person changes his handwriting and signature there is a very strong possibility that his life would also change.

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