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Mandala Therapy

The Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means completion. It has got a deep meaning and representation of wholeness. In Mandala it is said a person creates and sees his journey. It becomes his/her own expression, own exploration and self healing.

In Mandala, a circle is made. This circle represents the art and design of that person who participates with their issues for the healing therapy. They are asked to communicate whatever they are going through in form of symbols or colors or shapes they can visualize in their minds.

Mandala has intrinsic meaning, and many religions have adopted one or the other meaning from Mandala for its captivating beauty.

Nature has gifted the human kind with many things. The almighty is there to guide and care for us. We overlook the gifts in bounty. Till the time we begin to suffer in one way or the other.

In Mandala therapy we are guided to connect with the channels , that is the divinity , be calm and be at peace. Now the practioner guide, the healee to draw designs, signs and symbols, a person gets to see and feel , during the time of healing.

There is no structure that is followed. It is a powerful reflection of the creator as our own instinct guides us through the journey which we create through designs, shapes, and colours.

It is present in all of us, as a greater source of reflection of one’s soul. It is a powerful tool to look into our innerself, it is so powerful that the designs we create , shapes which are formed and colours used brings in more awareness after the therapy is over.

After the Mandala is created make a list of the designs, shapes, and colors being used to create it. you will be in awareness about the shapes , designs and colors used to create Mandala at that point of time, the journey taken during the making of the Mandala portrays oneself creating the Mandala.

Mandala therapy is about you, through your Mandala you represent something meaningful about your life into, the journey you took to create the Mandala. And by this you resolve the issues which are deep in your subconscious. This is very helpful to people who are not able to connect with their feelings.

Lets explore your being in a creative way!

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