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Mid Brain Activation

What Is Midbrain ?

The midbrain is located above the brain stem in us. It processes the information and communication with the right and left hemispheres. It is small region of the brain that lies between the two hemispheres which serve as a relay center for visual, auditory, and motor system information

Brain Stimulation training activates the brain waves called alpha-theta in a child, where these waves are able to activate the super intuition. This can enable the child to read anything with eyes closed.

With the help of special brainwaves, the midbrain is stimulated by the hormonal discharge from the pituitary and pineal glands.

Benefits of Midbrain

  • Improved memory power
  • Enhanced concentration power
  • Higher self-esteem, self-confidence and focus
  • More articulate thinking style and sharper mind
  • Stress management during revision and homework
  • To balance of left and right brain functions (IQ and EQ)
  • Enhance the creation, planning and imagination
  • Emotional stability force
  • A remarkable state of learning


Children are taught how to garner their concentration power during the workshop as this is a vital exercise to strengthen their mental power…

At Anannd Utsav, our endeavor is to contribute to children as they are our future. If their awareness grows, we can be rest assured that our future is in safe hands. We offer DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) and Graphotherapy as value add ons to shape the personality of children into more confident and capable individuals.

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