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Mudra Healing

Yoga is a complete science of healing; it helps to prevent many diseases. The proof is now doctors have started to recommend yoga, in fact they prescribe different Yoga’s to their patients. Yoga helps in fast healing of many diseases.

One of the Yoga which is very common now is the Yoga Mudras. It means actions with our hands and fingers. Yoga Mudras are integral part of Yoga. The Universe is made up of five elements, namely Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space. These five elements are also present in our body. Our fingers are the representatives of all the five elements. The five elements are present in our fingers too.

The science behind the mudras is, the postures create equilibrium. This equilibrium is an import and divine rule of the universe. There is a balance in nature… between earth and water, between air and space, between heat and cold, and if this balance is troubled, it consequences to ecological.

Same way there is balance of five elements in our body too. They co-exist in a fixed proportion. Every now and then when this balance gets an upset action from our side due to physical, emotional or mental factors , trouble begins.

Human body is a god gift balancing the five elements. Take any element away and the body will collapse. Action and reactions is a constant feature. Imbalances occur every moment. But the imbalance is resorted constantly by our conscious and subconscious efforts. The creator has gifted the human body with a unique Auto immune system in our body which is always alert to fight the imbalances.

We humans have a complex and intricate networking system accompanied by a chemical factory, where in chemical reactions are taking place every moment. The chemical factory produces chemical reactions in the form of hormones, enzymes, endorphins and secretions to regulate the working of various organs of our body. They are also the vital energies running the body. These energies are also called the Pran Shakti. This Pran Shakti is made of five elements. Any imbalances in these elements weaken the vital force that is Pran Shakti.

The science of hand mudras provides safest way to cure any illness or diseases of our body. We have five elements present in our hands too, it’s a replication of the elements of the body which is present. By practicing Mudras imbalances of elements are balanced. We can practice the Mudras in our daily busy life, anywhere any time. There is no restriction what is there in other Yogas or Prayamans. Mudra healing has an effect on the whole body and mind and there is no side effect at all.

A expert in Mudra healing can guide very well which Mudra to practice and for how long in the given issue to resolve it.

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