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Music Therapy

When you express yourself musically in a spontaneous and feeling way, you always communicate “something” which is most likely to be feelings present in your inner self or sometimes impulses coming from a level beyond your personality. Musicality is also the expression of harmony, of beauty, of balance and respect. Music touches your heart, it unites heaven and earth within you. It awakens your aspirations, your deepest needs and because all this is happening in the heart, heart is healed.

Music always reminds us of our true home. Certain musical experiences and their impact could heal us in the sense of enabling us to feel more whole. The ancient musical tradition considers there to be three types of music-one to make people laugh and dance, another one to make people cry (the cathartic, emotional side of music) and the third type to nourish the soul. One can use all these three types of music to cleanse, heal and nourish the soul. Osho techniques, where music is given more importance, all meditations are done with music. Specially with dynamic meditation where focus is more on cleansing and catharsis, its music helps the meditator/seeker to open up and shed of all the negative emotions easily, a person becomes empty which helps him to fill up positive thoughts and emotions.

There are some meditations which focus on dance with music. Music means vibrations which works on energy bodies hence chakra balancing can be done easily with music. So one can use specially composed music for chakra energy balancing. Music relaxes brain waves and creates an altered state of brain. Using special music frequencies, a specific desired altered state of brain can be created which help to achieve the desired results. There are a lot of such brain wave music recordings available which are used for specific purpose like conceiving baby, manifestation, self esteem, confidence, hormonal changes and so many others. Music therapy works best for insomnia.

Music is ideal for body work and massage, facial, luxuriating in healing waters, reiki etc. The more deeply you slip into relaxation, the more beneficial the experience. While listening to music, the heartbeat slows, blood pressure decreases, respiration deepens. With music truly profound relaxation, rejuvenation and healing can occur. Real music surrounds you in a sphere of peace where nothing can disturb you. What could be easier than simply listening to beautiful music. Certain of music cd’s calm the brain so you can relax and fall asleep easily, waking up in the morning refreshed and looking forward to the opportunities of a new day. Music nourishes and uplifts you and helps you wake up to more of who you truly are. Music is ideal to accompany movement practices promoting balance and harmony, including yoga, tai chi, qi gong and stretching. Music can help you find stillness, access your inner wisdom and strengthen your connection to your “more real” Self or Source. Music is an excellent way to set a positive tone that can make a difference all day long. As with any life-enhancing discipline, regular listening offers ever-increasing benefits. The music lifts your sense of optimism and reminds you that all is right with the world.

After each session, each music encounter, be it individual or group people feel like as in they are in heaven. They feel more relaxed, uplifted, grounded and centered. Special brain waves of certain frequency alter the state of mind creating change in our thoughts, bodily hormones and chemical secretions to get the desired result.

Come and bathe in brain waves to soothe, calm and relax your mind.

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