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Numerology (Art & Science of Numbers)

Numerology is the science of Numbers which enables guidance on the basis of an individual’s date of birth. Numerology explains the journey of the soul in fascinating ways. We all are a sum total of experiences, desires, interests, strengths, weaknesses, emotions. Each one was born on a particular day which speaks volumes of karma at the time of birth and the name one is blessed with after birth which speaks about how the soul will tread the journey of life. Numerology bridges the gap between what one aspires to do and what one actually achieves.

Numerology is a spiritual way of delving into the mysteries of the unknown and understanding our karma in a positive way. There are several benefits of numerology, the main being knowing your strengths and weakness, aligning your goals to your life’s reality, empowering yourself by creating a spelling which rotates to a positive and progressive vibration, attract abundance in all spheres of life, lead a healthy and happy life, improvise on relationships and career and accept the challenges life throws at any time with resilience and strength.

The numbers derived by summing up the date is the radical number and the total of Date, Month and Year of birth is the lucky number of the individual. These two numbers play a significant role in his life.

Numerology in India is practiced by using these two significant numbers to guide an individual about his lucky days, lucky or unlucky years in his lifetime and timing other events in his lifetime.

Now further, the question arises as in how many different ways does numerology in India help the client?

First and most ,frequent application of numerology in India is using date of birth as clue to choose a name letter and then to spell the name of an individual at the time of birth. Therefore, numerology in India are approached before the naming ceremony of the child to suggest a suitable name and spelling of the name for the new born baby.

Secondly, alterations are made by Numerology   in the name by adding or removing certain letters in the spelling to match the destiny and radical numbers. This small correction in name spelling makes things fall into place and the individual derives success and acclaim with less efforts.

So, just remember to contact Numerologer  before the naming ceremony of your New born baby.We practice Pythogorean, Chaldean & Vaidik schools of Numerology

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