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Quantum Core two point method

Quantum Core 2 Point Method is a unique healing system based on laws of quantum physics, heart based intentions and through the eyes of science and tapping into the power of the field of consciousness.

The « 2 Point Method » is a practical application of quantum physics in that all reality may be described as energy and vibration because everything is   « light and information ».

In addition, everything is connected to everything, the communication is therefore always and immediately omnipresent and we can thus access the informational field. The method acts by simultaneous soft touch of two points applied to the body and/or the energy field of man or animal with an approach of intent and consciousness. Note that « the intention is a desire without attachment to results ».

In this way, the energy system is moved spontaneously into a state in which it is possible to implement and to allow a process of profound well-being. The first secret of the « 2 Point Method » : Be centered in the Heart.

The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. If one feels esteem, gratitude and peace in the heart, then many powerful   signals occur, which favorably affect the brain and the environment. The electric field (the core) of our heart is 100 times more powerful than that of the brain.

The magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain. Human DNA influences physical matter which our world is made of and human emotions have the capacity/ability to modify the DNA which influences the world around us. The language of the heart is the one which allows us to make the right choices and gives access to unsuspected potential because it allows us to access the verticality of our being (beyond the horizontal, frozen in our SpaceTime). It is… “Stargate ”

QC2P works on the principle of creating a consistent state in a few moments using the electromagnetic field of the Heart to balance the thoughts and emotions.

In the quantum field there exists a variation of infinite possibilities where everything is already perfect. In every human being everything already exists in the perfect state. It is sufficient for us to establish the connection with that perfection. Therefore there is no need to go looking for things on the outside. Everything in the universe is light and information. Energy vibrates – therefore it is always a frequency – it is always moving – Nothing is fixed.

Our point of view, our prejudices, our judgments, our convictions and our beliefs create our reality: they generate a standing wave..In the universe the intention is the cause of all creation. (intent = desire without attachment to outcome)

The outside world (other people, situations…) is just a mirror that reflects our personal vibration. In the universe all things are interconnected (entanglement) The nature of the universe is holographic. All information therefore is present everywhere.

During QC2P, we are given an opportunity to let go of all that we have perceived so far to allow for unknown solutions to come through.

Here we are shifting our consciousness and stepping into an infinite potential. For this, we need to get out of our head field and move into heart field. Starting by not judging anything. Not the client, not the issue. Just Noticing whatever is. This is Quantum Vision. And this shifts everything tranforming blocages and integrating all ressources in that énergy field

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