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Redikall Healing

Redikall comes from the word Radical, which means healing could be instant and dynamic. You may wonder how that is possible. Thought is the source of all emotions and each emotion gets lodged in the body. Long standing emotions lead to dis-eases in the body. Energy flows where the thought goes. Redikall chakra healing gives us the information of the thoughts getting stored in our body. Depending on the issues a person is suffering from in the body, one can understand the sub-conscious thoughts of the person. The moment awareness dawns on the person and they shift their thoughts from limiting to more constructive ones, one can heal instantly. It works through affirmations, which are thoughts that keep us in the flow of life effortlessly.

Redikall Healing involves diagnosing the thoughts that are the root cause of dis-eases, pain, infections etc. with the help of a crystal pendulum, reversing the thought with an appropriate affirmation and re-confirming the same with the help of chakra dowsing. This can also be used to explore solutions and answers to health issues, karmic backlog, karmic gift and learning and compatibility check at the energy level. Needless to say this potent knowledge boosts personal and spiritual growth as it enhances your awareness of who you are and guides us to heal ourselves.

This can be learnt by anyone who is keen on personal growth and healing. Self-help seekers can learn this who would like to learn the language of the sub-conscious mind. Medical Practitioners, counselors, HR Professionals, Alliance seekers and healers could benefit from this knowledge.

You can understand the chakras and energy system in greater depth. Many minor chakras get revealed in this which reveal the core issue of suffering in the person. An accurate affirmation can actually transform the problem into vital information and enlightenment. By inferring the movement of the pendulum one can assess the energy flow through major and various minor chakras. Healthy thoughts lead to healthy chakras, which in turn lead to a healthy physical body.

Come and Redikally heal your life by transforming your thoughts with trained facilitators at Annand Utsav and celebrate your life with lighter, positive and more constructive thoughts or learn the tool to free yourself from day to day life issues!

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