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Sixth Sense

We are what we focus on. If we focus on illusionary visualizations, we are lost in an illusion, if we focus on our anger, we identify and live with that. we identify with we focus on, and what we focus on we identify with. In other words we are therefore what we focus.

What we strongly focus on sometimes is a part of us which we are not aware of, it is kept hidden by us; we have disowned it – sometimes knowingly and at times unknowingly. This focus changes the world into a replica of one’s disowned/unrecognized face. Our focal point is essentially our disowned self. But all the same it is our active self, only unknown to us. Sometimes others encountered this self and they reacted by blaming us for our unpleasant ways. We felt misunderstood; we tried to justify our self because this aspect of ours has been under wraps. This was the beginning of our drama. Through this drama an alien facet of our nature is brought to our notice, as we fail to see this inside of us. This happens when we selectively acknowledge, accept and identify with this ‘facade/ disguise’ believing it to be more real and neglect other aspects of our personality. Many times this drama is so hidden that it displays itself and represents in our dreams as a character or figure with these hidden facets.

We need to accept and understand that the disowned self, this negated self is not always disreputable or offensive. It is a mistake to think that the hidden self is always an unpleasant side of any person, although at many times it is, as the society has trained us and forces us to hide our unpleasant facets and demand of us to behave pleasantly with others in all given circumstances. This censor impairs the health of the mind. This hidden self can be an obstacle in emotional growth of the individual that later reflects in the corresponding body parts of that individual. When this hidden self is consciously accepted (without fighting it) life can alter in miraculous and unexpected ways.

The 6th Sense healing restores our innate powers, realigning and resonating with our Divinity within. It is a 6 step process of working with ourselves to allow expression of our Divinity. This is done by working with our conscious mind utilizing our imagination to reach our Unconscious mind to transmute all limiting emotional and physical obstacles that disallow us from being in sync with our Divinity. After working with our minds on – limiting Fears, self-doubt, criticism, beliefs etc we to keep it active through physical exercises that find its base in science and maintain this alignment to the Divine Source such that we always operate from Divine consciousness or our 6th sense.

Sixth Sense is all about Recognize . Identify, Accept and Face the disowned part of ourselves and then transmuting and integrating it

First plan of action is to develop the ability to recognize the fact that you have inner dragons, later identify them by categorizing them; no matter how deep they are in their hiding, no matter how dark they are or no matter how unacceptable they are. You can encounter your disowned self only with considerable honest effort. Encountering it is an ongoing process. When you realize that there are areas that can be healed and integrated, it is the first step in the journey towards experiencing/becoming a complete self. Our disowned self can be our inner qualities that we judge as unacceptable. These consist of our inferiorities, our undeveloped and repressed aspects of our personalities. It is simple to encounter your disowned self. The things we hate the most in others are those that we hate in ourselves – Just look for those things that you despise in others, and there you will find that which you despise in yourself.

Any issues in life be it in any area of our life is all about disowning the part of self, not recognizing and embracing it so missing the gift that it has brought to us. Sixth sense healing experience takes you on the journey of recognizing this disowned part, identifying , accepting and facing it. and as it is accepted, your divine self helps you to transmute it and integrate in you. This change is so subtle but so powerful that it changes entire perception and there is big shift in you.

6th SENSE HEALING is a unique modality which works beyond our five physical senses; effectively employing our 6th sense effortlessly at all levels of our MIND, BODY & SOUL to usher in true peace, prosperity, health and spiritual growth in our life and renew our relationship with self and the others around us.


This powerful technique is created by Kamal Sethna. Excerpt is from her healing Manual.

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