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Soul Temple

Healing is a soul bathing experience which we all deserve on an ongoing basis. Soul’s Temple is a self-help healing technique. Soul’s Temple is a sacred platform, beyond religions and beyond norms to discover the divinity in every form.

Stress is what we all live with in today’s world. We often risk our health, money, relationship, prestige and precious opportunities due to stress and stress related break downs. However it is easy to say don’t take stress to others, but there are times when we get caught up in cycle of stresses. Soul’s Temple helps to acknowledge the issue we have and clear off the unwanted emotions that spring out of it.

Designed by Dr. Neeta Kapadia, it is the easiest and quickest technique to release the baggage of emotional pressures that we all carry. Beauty of this is you can do this anytime, anywhere and no formal posture required for it. It is based on the principle everything begins with YOU, the moment you accept yourself completely (100%), you won’t have any issues, irritation, anger etc. with anyone else. You are in me, I am in you…

Parameters on which this technique is based on are:

  • Your acceptance/ acknowledgement of the issue
  • Your need to experience the issue
  • Your resistance to let go of the issue

We have come here for a certain set of experiences, exposures and learnings. Our relationships are our projections and say a lot about who we are. Every thought, generates a reaction or response in form of emotions. We can’t do much about our external environment, but we can change our reactions to the outer world and prevent probable emotional damage. When we heal ourselves from within, invariably our relationships with people, place, money matters and ‘self’ shifts.

The idea is to be fine in your own space, irrespective of others’ response towards you. When we shift, the world around us shifts with us. Our response will determine the outcome in any situation. Soul’s Temple technique will help you in relationship healing, depression healing, inner child healing and above all, understanding your relationships in the true sense.

Now you can learn to heal yourself and help yourself on an ongoing basis… When many in this world will continue to be healed, we all will be living in the world as serene as any temple, mosque or a church. And inner soul’s temple will be reflected in the world around us!

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