Upcoming Happenings at Anannd Utsav - Center for Holistic Wellness
  • Yoga Weekend Program

    28th & 29th September, 2019

    2:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Yoga Weekend Program by International Yoga Teacher Krzysztof Stec (Ph.D.) and Aarti Ratnu. A unique OPS concept will be presented at this event using various Yogic techniques blended with the modern world scientific discoveries. The program will eventually bring unexpected and total rejuvenation, all encompassing feeling of unusual lightness and fullness of health, experience of overall contentment, bliss and perfection, and feeling of unusual vitality and energy. Activities: Yogic Quiz, Suryanamaskar Practice, Talks on OPS, Divine Music/Chanting Session, Flute Meditation,…

  • Access Bars (Sep 19)

    Bharti Verma

    29th September 2019

    10:00 AM - 06:30 PM

    What if you could change all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit you from living a phenomenal life?? What if your problems were really possibilities? And you realize that you could change it, would you choose a tool that would give you infinite choices and infinite possibilities? Access consciousness gives you simple yet powerful tools which are practical, efficient & effective to changes things which haven’t been working for you (money, relationships, work, business, parenting etc.) & to create…

  • Electro Homeopathy

    2nd October 2019

    10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    Electrohomeopathy is focused on supposed therapeutic power of “electricity” in botanical extracts. Its remedies purify the lymphatic and blood system of the human body. Count Mattei/ Italy , founder of Electrohomeopathy also added what is called “Liquid Color Therapy” the use of 4 colours in his work 1 Day Work Shop Facilitator: Ganesh Shenai(Banglore) Energy Contribution: Rs.1,000/-.