Distant Healing

What is Distant Healing?

Distant Healing is Healing performed when the person is not present. It is possible to transmit Healing energies over any distance and this form of Healing can be very effective. The person may or may not be aware that this Healing has been undertaken for him but may attain much benefit from it coming as it does from the love and concern.

It is usual for a person to be treated by the energy healer in person—in the healer’s physical presence, with the use of the healer’s hands on and above the body—to assist in conducting the energy and light. It is desirable for the healer to be in the presence of the client so that an examination of the client’s energy field may be more directly conducted and all conditions requiring treatment may be directly treated.

The ability of the healer to sense the energy field of the client, and defects therein, through “psychic sight,” is not limited by distance, however, nor is the healer’s ability to channel energy and light. Although an “in-person” energy healing treatment is usually somewhat more powerful and comprehensive, is possible for the healer to give a very effective and beneficial distance healing treatment to a client in a remote location—even thousands of miles away. There will be times when it becomes necessary for the healer to treat a client at a distance—with certain clients who are often at remote locations, for example, and cannot come for an in-person treatment. clients with serious illnesses, also, often require distance healing, for frequently the serious illnesses that they suffer from require treatment every day or every few days, and these clients sometimes cannot come to the healer in person at these short intervals.

Most of the healing techniques that we practiced may also be employed at a distance. The healer generally only performs distance healing, however, on a client that has been seen in person previously: or with his full photo. This is because the healer finds it much easier to “tune in” to the client, having seen in person or through photo.

Distance healing treatments are conducted in a manner very similar to in-person treatments, with just a few simple changes—changes that are necessary because the hands cannot be used. Almost all the healing techniques we offer at Devsparsh can be done at as distant healing.

Contact us for distant healings or tarot and oracle divinations if you are unable to come in person.

We offer free distant healings

Every week, on various days or nights, groups of our dedicated Healers join together for the purpose of sending Distant Healing. The groups exist to meet the needs of those people who are either unable to receive Contact Healing or who prefer to receive Healing this way and not in position to make energy exchange.

Add a Name to Our Distant Healing List

If you or someone you know would like to receive Distant Healing please contact us asking that Distant Healing be sent and telling us who needs the Healing and as much as you wish about why Healing is needed. You can do this by mailing us in details. We will then do everything we can for the person you have named. We can never promise a particular outcome but it is unusual for Healing not to be helpful in some way.

Distant Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading can be done even if person is not present.. So if you have questions and need guidance you can simply write to us your questions. you can ask any questions related to any area of your life to seek guidance. When reading is done, its not th we who reads and interprets, its Master’s Guidance and seeker’s energy which works and help to decode the guidance for that moment. As it works with seekers energy and invocation of Masters and guides, it can be done without the physical presence.